Schmetz #16 Sewing Machine Needles System 130 Round/Sharp Point (10 pack)

SKU: 20213



Sewing Machine Needles System 130 #16 (Pack 10) are the most common needle type and can be used for all general sewing. These Schmetz round point needles have a sharp point and rounded shank with a flat side to fit in most home sewing machines. These high-quality needles have completely smooth shanks with no burrs. Burrs on needle shanks make it difficult to insert the needle into the sewing machine. Anywhere else on the needle, burrs can cause thread separation and skipped stitches. There are no burrs on any part of these needles.

Needle sizes are listed two ways, by size and measurement, so a #16 needle is the same as a 100. For more information on needle and thread choices, see the Thread and Needle Recommendations document.

Needle System: System 130
Needle Type: Round Point (Sharp)
Needle Size: #16 (100)

10 needles per pack.

Sewing Machine Needles System 130 #16 fits the following sewing machines:

  • Most Home Sewing Machines
  • Sailrite Yachtsman
  • Reed's Sailmaker
  • Sailrite Apprentice