Slug Bail SS Without Rocker 3/8"

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Slug Bail Stainless Steel Without Rocker 3/8" is a slug used to secure mains or mizzens to their spars making raising and lowering sails easier. This sail slug features a nylon barrel and a stainless steel bail. This simple slide design is recommended for light to moderate load applications. Sail slugs are typically secured ahead of the boltrope and inserted in the mast slot instead of the rope. Secure this nylon slug to a sail with webbing, webbing and grommet, shackle and grommet, or just a shackle. Sail slugs also keep the sail stacked in the slot when a sail track stop is used.

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Nicely made and solid quality

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Nicely made and solid quality at a reasonable price. We changed our mainsail bolt rope to use bails so that we could make a stack pack.