Winch Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color
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Sew it yourself! Winch Cover Kit includes all materials needed to make custom winch covers for your boat. Boat Winch Covers provide protection from rain, dust, and other damaging elements. Featuring durable Sunbrella fabric, this winch cover has an elastic cord to ensure a snug fit. Also makes a great compass cover.


  • 60″ Sunbrella Marine Grade Fabric - Select color from drop down menu
  • V-69 White UV Polyester Thread
  • Shock Bungee Cord 3/16″
  • Winch Cover Kit Instructions

Required Tools (Not Included):

  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

Reference end of instructional video below for additional recommended items.

Please note: This item is non-returnable.


Sale Unit: EA
4 Winch Covers: 7” Diameter x 9” Height
8 Winch Covers: 5” Diameter x 6” Height


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David Knapp
Verified Purchase

A nautical upgrade

Instructions, materials and supplies were perfect for this project. Took me three hours to complete the four winch covers.

Harald Hefel
Verified Purchase

Great Service

The material and the instructions was perfect and there was enough material to do six of my 5 inch self tailing winches that was much appreciated, I was able to do also the cover for my LaFrance manual winch with that material, very pleased

Verified Purchase

Easy to follow instructions


First Project: Winch Cover

I'm a proud new owner of a Sailrite machine. After receiving quotes for the work I wanted done and then learning and Sailrite I decided to try and do the work myself. This will be my first time sewing and hoping I made the right choice by trying to do this myself. My first project was the winch cover kit where I made four winch covers. Overall I am very happy with the results. The covers aren't perfect, but better than I expected. I appreciate having the kit being my first project. I'm sure in the future I'll start buying the material individual, but this was an excellent way to begin. What I am most happy about are the videos and Sailrites effort to walk you through the process. Being brand new to this whole process, I've watched videos from unpacking and setting up your new machine to completing my first project. All in all I am very pleased and excited about all the projects which need to be completed on our boat.


Successful first (ever) sewing attempt.

This was my first time ever making anything on a sewing machine. Just finished my first cover for a Lewmar #16ST winch - not perfect sewing by me but looks pretty good in my opinion. The kit arrived well packaged and complete with the Sunbrella on a roll. I cut the material using a Weller soldering gun (140/100watt), a cutting bit and a glass kitchen cutting board. The iron chars the material slightly on the edge as it cuts so I will have to experiment with that some more, but the charring doesn't show as it is hemmed or is inside the cover. Instructions for making the covers were included in the kit but the video was very helpful, especially for sewing the round cap in place on this smaller winch. My Pfaff 1222 1974 machine that I just acquired ($20 !) could not quite handle the 2 shock-chords and the seams together as the foot would not rise enough so I did as suggested and used a hand needle for that part. Nice kit and, as long as the 3 next covers turn out the same or better, they will be in place on the boat when the ice and snow has gone! If you have not done any canvas work before, this is a good first project to tackle and is quite quick to complete once you get set up (less than 1 hour per cover). Give it a try.

Chesapeake sailor

Winch cover kit worked for me!

This kit was my first purchase from Sailrite and I was very happy with it. I wanted to try to sew a small item for our new boat to see if my old sewing machine could handle Sumbrella fabric. It worked! The written directions and the videos on the web site provided the details necessary for successful completion. I received more than enough fabric for the 4 winch covers I created and will be buying some foam to try to create a cockpit cushion next. If you can sew just a little bit, don't be afraid to try this kit. The hardest part was figuring out the best way to cut the sumbrella fabric. I purchased a hot knife from a local craft store but it took too long to cut with that. I ended up cutting with a regular scissors and running a soldering iron on the edges to melt/seal the fabric. It was quick an easy doing it this way.

Charlie Hitlin
Verified Purchase

Never received

Sailrite Response

The fabric for your kit has been on backorder for some time. Per your direction in an email conversation, you elected not to change the fabric, but wished to wait until your initial choice was available. Currently that fabric is to arrive to early November and we will ship your kit at that time.


Just look at the free PDF on Sailrite's own web site

This kit is a solid waste of money if I have ever seen one. Simply buy the shock cord and the fabric of your choice. The kit does not include basting tape, which is clearly need for the 1/2" hem. Sew the shock cord into the choker, do not try to put it into the choker after heming... it's a painful experience. Measure the round top cover off of the completed outside cover, not the wench, or it will not fit. I have been sewing boat canvas for years, and this kit was a waste of money. The PDF directions are clearly available on Sailrite's web site, so why pay 10X the money for some shock cord. They clearly state to use a hotknife to cut the fabric, but the fabric they included was cut with what appears to be a weed wacker...frayed like linguini. For a company that produces a fine sewing machine, they can certainly do much better.

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