Best-in-Class Strength

Loxx Pull It Up Fasteners are cleverly engineered, self-locking fasteners that will not come undone once engaged. The positive engagement is created by the stainless steel spring found inside the upper head of the fastener system. The button in this upper head fits around the ball head of the stud, resulting in a constant positive connection that locks the components together. To release, you must intentionally pull on the spring-loaded upper head.

Profile & Applications

Loxx fasteners have a medium height profile. This means they sit high enough above your application that they are easy to locate and grab when you need a quick release, but they are still low enough that you won’t stub your toe. Loxx fasteners are ideal for marine, automotive and leather applications. Use them for custom car convertible tops, tonneau covers, solar shade panels, dodgers, enclosure curtains and trailered boat covers.


Loxx fasteners are very easy to install. All you need is the Loxx Locking Tool or Locking Key, a hole cutter, mallet and cutting mat. With Loxx, you have your choice of cloth-to-cloth or cloth-to-surface applications. No matter what type of project you’re working on, Loxx has a fastener for your DIY.