Strataglass has been making quality vinyl products for over 20 years and carries our highest rating for optical clarity, scratch resistance and UV resistance. Strataglass clear vinyl window material is manufactured using the “pressed and polished” method. In this type of high-quality production, multiple sheets of clear vinyl are welded together using high heat and pressure to create one superior clear window material.


Strataglass 30 Gauge Vinyl

Color: Clear

Uses: Dodgers, biminis, general enclosures, automotive windows, roll up windows, golf cart windows and side window panels on boat enclosures.

Properties: Because this is a thinner gauge vinyl, it possesses more flexibility, allowing it to be more easily rolled up and stored.

Cold Crack Rating: -10°F


Strataglass 40 Gauge Vinyl

Color: Clear or Light Smoke

Uses: Dodgers, biminis, automotive windows, windshields and front windows on boat enclosures.

Properties: Often selected by DIYers who want a thicker vinyl for front boat enclosure window curtains, this product is a great choice as a window material wherever strong optical clarity and structure is required. The Light Smoke color is slightly tinted to help reduce sun glare.

Cold Crack Rating: -10°F


Strataglass 60 Gauge Vinyl

Color: Clear

Uses: Front windows on marine enclosures and dodgers, flybridge enclosures, commercial enclosures and windshields.

Properties: This vinyl boasts great stability and optical clarity, making it perfect for permanent applications that will not be rolled up or stored. Fares well in both warm and colder climates.

Cold Crack Rating: -30°F



Choosing a Clear Vinyl Window Material

Learn which brands and gauges best suit your project and your needs.

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Made in the USA

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Strataglass products are proudly made in America.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your Strataglass regularly will help extend the life of the product. You should only use IMAR™ Strataglass labeled products. Using any other products on Strataglass will void the warranty and could potentially damage the vinyl.

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Strataglass products feature a 2-year “No Worries” Performance Warranty when you register on their website.

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Please Note: Due to the manufacturing process, some sheet sizes may vary from the listed dimensions. We have found that 54" x 110" sheets may vary up to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width. 54" x 55" sheets may vary up to 1.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width.

What Strataglass should you use?

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