Sailrite® Ultrafeed® Sewing Machine

The Only Machine You'll Ever Need

Ultrafeed Sewing Machines are built to sew through your thickest fabric assemblies and are tough enough to go wherever you sew. These portable, heavy-duty sewing machines are exclusive to Sailrite and were designed by Sailrite owner Matt Grant to be your toughest sewing partner. In fact, you can read in our full Ultrafeed History how these machines were designed with DIY sailors in mind.

The excellent power and strength of the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines makes them perfectly suited to all kinds of heavy-duty sewing, including marine canvaswork, sailmaking, upholstery, drapery, light leatherwork, and RV and automobile upholstery. The Ultrafeed is available in straight stitch only and zigzag and straight stitch models, and with either standard US 110 volt power or 220-240 volt power with a European plug.

Take a look around to learn more about why we believe the Ultrafeed Series are the best portable, heavy-duty sewing machines in the world!

Industrial Strength & Power

The Ultrafeed gets its excellent, heavy-duty power through a combination of the motor, speed reducer, the oversized balance wheel and our patented Posi-Pin® Safety Shear. Sew with full industrial power at any speed with the Ultrafeed's variable speed foot control.


The Ultrafeed Sewing Machine's 1/10th horsepower AC motor (in 110 or 220-240 volts) works in conjunction with the oversized Power Plus® Balance Wheel, which provides twice the power of a traditional balance wheel. This pairing comes standard on all BASIC and PLUS Ultrafeed packages.

Ultrafeed PREMIUM packages with the WorkerB® Power Pack feature a 1/4 horsepower motor and the WorkerB® Balance Wheel. This balance wheel has a smaller gearing ratio to handle the WorkerB motor's increased power.

Upgrade any Ultrafeed package to the Monster® II Balance Wheel for even more power and slow speed control. This 7-pound, nickel-plated steel balance wheel provides so much more momentum that you can use the attached hand crank to sew even heavy fabrics without electricity.


Patented by Sailrite (Patent #7438009), the Posi-Pin is designed to protect your machine's internal components from damage when a crash occurs. When you hit an internal metal component while sewing, or if you sew through a metal snap, grommet or zipper, your machine will crash and stop working correctly. The Posi-Pin is a sacrificial component that’s intended to break at the shear point during a needle deflection or collision with a metal component, saving your valuable investment from potential damage.

When the Posi-Pin breaks, it's incredibly easy to replace it with a new one and get back to sewing. All you have to do is replace the broken Posi-Pin with an undamaged one, check the cap spring for damage, change the needle, and you're back to sewing. No tuning or retiming required!

Designed for Heavy Duty

The Ultrafeed Sewing Machines were built from the ground up for heavy-duty sewing. Sewing even the thickest fabric assemblies is made simple with handy, built-in features and superior design.


Perfectly suited to fit even your thickest fabric assemblies, the Ultrafeed boasts an extra high 3/8-inch foot lift. Paired with its best-in-class needle bar stroke, the Ultrafeed can sew virtually anything that you can fit under the presser foot!

The Ultrafeed can easily be adjusted to sew lighter fabrics, too, so you can make it your go-to machine for a variety of projects.


A must-have feature for sewing large fabric assemblies! The walking foot works in conjunction with the feed dog to pull layers of fabric evenly through the machine for consistent stitching.


Set the variable stitch length up to 6mm in a straight stitch or use the stitch width lever to set the zigzag stitch up to 5mm wide (LSZ-1 only). Easily switch from forward to reverse using the spring-loaded stitch length lever. Set the thumbscrews to your desired stitch length for consistent stitches in both directions.


The Ultrafeed LS-1 features a needle slightly offset to the right. The Ultrafeed LSZ-1 features a needle positioning lever that moves the needle to the left, right and center to help you get your stitches closer to zippers without changing the foot.


The Ultrafeed presser foot features a built-in welting tunnel so you can sew piping without changing the foot.


Easily maintain your seam allowance with markers right on the laser-engraved needle plate. Measurements are marked at 1/4- (LS-1 only), 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch positions.

Quality Components

We work closely with the manufacturers of every component for the Ultrafeed Sewing Machines, so we know that the quality and durability are top notch. Plus, we're always innovating improvements so your machine will stand the test of time and work as smoothly as possible.


Built to be a longtime, solid, versatile sewing partner, the Ultrafeed is made with only the toughest and most reliable parts. Plus, every machine is individually tuned, tested and finished in our Indiana workshop to guarantee performance and quality.


One of our uniquely designed components is the patented scarfed gib hook. Our scarfed gib hook features a groove that minimizes the needle's ability to strike the hook, resulting in a machine that can be timed precisely and needs less adjusting.

Conveniently Portable

The Ultrafeed Sewing Machines provide all the sewing power of an industrial machine in a portable package that can easily be maneuvered around your home. Or, pack it up and bring it on board your boat, motorhome or anywhere you sew.

Can it Sew?

A question we get asked all the time is "Can the Ultrafeed sew... ?"

And the answer is yes! The Ultrafeed can sew just about anything, from light home sewing, to denim or leather, and even heavy sail corner assemblies!

Projects & Guides

Get Started Sewing With Helpful How-to Videos

Whether you're just starting out or have been sewing for years, we've got a how-to project for you! You can browse our complete library of hundreds of how-to projects and guides or jump right in with one of our most popular videos listed below.

Ultrafeed Models

The Ultrafeed Sewing Machines come in two models that are color coded so you can tell them apart at a glance. The Ultrafeed LS-1 is our red machine, and it is a straight stitch only machine.

The Ultrafeed LSZ-1, the blue machine, is a straight and zigzag stitch machine. The LSZ-1 also offers a needle positioning lever, so you can move the needle left, right and center, so you can sew zippers without changing the foot!

Three Package Options

We offer the same, great Ultrafeed in three package options so you can get as little or as many accessories as you want! Both the LS-1 Straight Stitch and the LSZ-1 Zigzag & Straight-Stitch sewing machines are available in BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM packages.


Entry level sail & canvas workers

Home sewists using heavy materials


Sail & canvas workers


Serious home sewists


Sail & canvas workers

Cruisers without electricity

Anyone who wants all the bells and whistles

Our Support Guarantee

At Sailrite, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your Ultrafeed Sewing Machine.

That's why we are proud to offer you personalized support for the lifetime of your machine. We'll be here to help you service your machine with in-depth videos, one-on-one support and Sailrite's five-year limited warranty. Should you need them, we have replacement parts in stock and ready to ship out to you and, if all else fails, you can always send your machine back to us for repairs.