2-Bow 1" Dodger Frame Kit with Rigid Supports & Hand Rails 84" x 40" x 40" (Stainless Steel)

SKU: 121918



Build it yourself! This 2-Bow Dodger Frame Kit includes everything you need to build a dodger frame with rigid supports and handrails. A dodger top, or spray hood, offers shelter from rain and spray and is a great way to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. Building your own dodger lets you affordably customize the design for your boat. This 2-bow frame kit includes the frame tubing, fittings, rigid supports and handrail (grab rail) hardware. It does not include fabric or supplies to make the dodger skin. To create a complete dodger, pair this kit with a Dodger Skin Kit (sold separately).

The included rigid support struts and handrails on both the port and starboard side are used to support the frame bows. The rigid support system (with handrails) provides optimal frame strength and increases your ability to tension the dodger’s fabric, reducing wrinkles. Rigid supports provide almost twice the strength and skin tension when compared to a traditional webbing supported dodger.

This adjustable 2-bow frame is made from 1-inch, Type 304 stainless steel tubing with a Super Buff finish. All tubing bows are pre-bent with Sailrite’s custom jig. To lower shipping costs and allow for greater customization, the bows are cut just beyond each bend, making it possible to reduce the width and height of each frame. Make width adjustments by cutting the crowned center tubing. The "hockey stick" section of each bow is fitted with Type 304 stainless steel splines and riveted into the appropriate place. This dodger frame kit also includes Universal Deck Hinges, made from Type 316 stainless steel that features pivoting hinges to adjust for many different deck angles.

Determine the desired width, height and spread (fore and aft) of your dodger. Compare to the specifications below to ensure our kit will adequately fit your boat. Our specifications are maximum dimensions for a frame with a normal set, with primary bow set at roughly a 65-degree angle to the waterline and the secondary bow at less than 90 degrees from the primary. Orientation can be adjusted—for example, the height can be increased, but it will decrease the spread.

Frame kits can be cut down from listed sizes in both height and width. To cut the tubing, use a hacksaw with a blade that has 24 teeth per inch. A rivet tool and common tools are required for assembly, but not included.

Stainless Steel Care & Cleaning:

With proper care and cleaning, stainless steel can be maintained for a lifetime in excellent condition. Many people are surprised to learn that in the presence of chloride salts, free chlorine or sulfide gases, stainless steel can take on a brownish tint, also called a patina, oxidize or even corrode. These elements are present in various environments, including ocean spray, salted highways, chemical treatments added to swimming pools and groundwater in numerous coastal areas.

The stainless steel tubing manufacturer recommends the following to properly maintain your stainless steel:

  • Wash regularly with fresh water and a high-quality detergent
  • Clean with a car chrome polish
  • Wax with either a car or fiberglass wax
  • Do not clean with chlorinated cleaners (no bleach) or scouring powders
  • Do not use sandpaper or abrasive cleaners on buffed or mirror finished metals
  • Do not clean with muriatic or hydrochloric acids