A Quick Tip for Installing Nailhead Trim

Item # X-HT-300156

Nailhead trim is a popular way to add a stylish, finishing touch to upholstery projects. But lining up hundreds of nails in a neat, straight line can be a tedious undertaking. To make the process easier, Dritz has made an easy-to-install nailhead trim that we’ll show you how to install in a quick video.

Easy-to-install Dritz nailhead trim was used to finish the back of this upholstered chair

What makes this decorative nailhead trim unique is that all the nailheads are connected in one long trim piece and a real tack is nailed in every five nailheads to secure the trim to your furniture piece. This reduces your hammering and also keeps your decoration in a perfectly neat row. However, there is a visible connection between the faux nailheads, which could be an aesthetic drawback depending on your application.

See this trim in action in our demonstration video below.

You can find this quick nailhead trim in three finishes right here at Sailrite!