ATN Mastclimber Bosun's Chair

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ATN Mastclimber Bosun’s Chair (formerly ATN Topclimber) is a bosun’s chair that allows you to hoist yourself up the mast. Safely and quickly hoist yourself up the mast using only leg muscles, even when the boat is heeled. The ATN Mastclimber has a hard seat with a backrest and one-way jammer and leg straps with foot loops and a one-way jammer. From start to finish, the Mastclimber makes ascending the mast easier than ever and you can do it alone!

The ATN Mastclimber received a recommended rating for Mast-Climbing Devices from Practical Sailor - June 2010. The Mastclimber received good marks for construction, hardware, tool bag, and extras. "Because [the ATN Mastclimber] permits solo ascents and still allows a rigid perch for the derriere, many riggers like this device...Bottom Line: Earning a PS Recommended rating, this ruggedly constructed chair/ascender is the only one in the comparison that is set up for going aloft alone" ("Go Aloft Safely: Ups and Downs of Bosun Chairs." Practical Sailor Vol. 36 No. 6, p. 8-13).

This bosun’s chair features anodized aluminum and stainless steel mast ascenders that fit over a taught 3/8” to 5/8” halyard line. The ATN Mastclimber eliminates the need for knots, static lines, or detaching shackles. Simply fit over the line, twist, and secure with the pin.

To use, stand up on the two leg straps, slide up the one-way jammer of the chair seat, sit down, and slide up the one-way jammer of the leg strap. Repeat until the desired height is reached. Reverse the procedure to descend the mast.

Maximum waist size: 50 inches.