Aqua-Tite® Green Repellent 32 oz. (Quart)
Aqua-Tite® Green Repellent 32 oz. (Quart)
Aqua-Tite® Green Repellent 32 oz. (Quart)

Aqua-Tite® Green Repellent 32 oz. (Quart)

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PFAS Free since 2012! Aqua-Tite® Green is a premium-grade water and stain repellent. It provides great protection against water-based stains like grape juice and soda, and it resists dirt- and oil-based stains like animal droppings, motor oil and lubricants. 

Aqua-Tite Green is the only PFAS-free water and stain repellent treatment on the market with a proven track record of success. It is safe to use on all fabrics, including acrylic, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, cotton and blends. In fact, Sailrite recommends it for use on Top Gun®, Top Notch®, Odyssey® and Softouch® fabrics. Many customers have reported excellent results using Aqua-Tite Green to restore water repellency to covers, dodgers, biminis, tents and awnings. Pick up this competitively priced, top-performing treatment to keep your outdoor projects safe from moisture and stains.


Make sure fabric is clean and completely dry before treating. Spray, brush, or roll on evenly and thoroughly without runoff. Allow treated fabric to dry outside for 48-72 hours. Best results occur when treated fabric is exposed to hot sun for 2-3 days to fully dry and cure. Do not store or expose to moisture, rain or dew during this time. Aqua-Tite Green is suitable for use on all fabric colors but may impart a slightly darker, richer tone to light-colored fabric. Does not affect fabric breathability. Reapply every year.