Bedding Deck Hardware Using Through Bolts & Butyl Tape

Item # X-HT-200505

In today’s video how-to, we’re going to show you how to bed boat deck hardware using Butyl tape and through bolts. Our video walks you through the process, step by step, so you can replicate this process for your boat with great results. Follow along as we show you how easy it is to bed deck hardware on your boat.

We chose to use Butyl tape for this how-to based on recommendations from our customers. There are several sealants on the market other than Butyl tape, which we sell. We also sell 3M™ Marine Mildew Resistant Silicone sealant, which is another option if you don’t want to use Butyl tape. In our video, we’re bedding a stanchion base, but this same technique can be used to bed all kinds of deck hardware.

First holes must be drilled in the deck. Once all four holes for the stanchion base are drilled, we countersink around the bolt holes to create a groove around the top of each hole. This will create a larger cavity for the Butyl tape to fill for a more effective, waterproof seal. Once all four holes are countersunk, insert the screws in the four holes of the stanchion base and wrap Butyl tape around the screws on the underside of the base.

Watch our video to see how this and the rest of the bedding process is done.

That’s all there is to it! If you need any more help with installing hardware on your boat, be sure to check out our other bedding hardware videos. Just type “bedding hardware” into the search engine to see all our blogs on the subject.

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