CDI Furler Flexible FF2
CDI Furler Flexible FF2

CDI Furler Flexible FF2

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Product Details

The Cruising Design (CDI) FF2 furler provides one of the most inexpensive, effective ways to get more use from your boat while increasing safety. From your cockpit in a matter of minutes you can furl or reef your jib, genoa or staysail with ease—a great boon for small boat owners since the smaller the boat, the more difficult the foredeck work.

The one piece, PVC single groove luff extrusion is stiff in torsion for better reefing and furling but flexible in other directions for easy handling when raising and lowering the mast — a great choice for trailerables and other boats where the mast is frequently raised and lowered. There are no joints to bend or break as with non-flexing metal extrusions which must be made in sections for shipment purposes.

The CDI furler also features an internal halyard which makes it possible to raise and lower sails while underway. This halyard eliminates the halyard loads from the bearings making reefing easier. It also eliminates halyard wraps and those troublesome halyard swivels. The tack fitting is a simple lashing that won't fall overboard (unlike a pin or shackle). A durable one-piece furling drum keeps the furling line in place.

And, the price is right! Although the Flexible Furler is not designed to accommodate racing headsail changes, it is designed to meet the needs of the majority of boat owners. And it does not cost a fortune to buy, install or maintain.

The Flexible Furler — a very durable system for boats that are trailered. Great where the mast is stepped frequently — forestay comes down with extrusion in place!

CDI Flexible Furlers are too large to be shipped by the post office. The furlers arrive coiled, open with caution. Do not leave furlers coiled for more than two weeks after receiving the shipment. Uncoil and let relax in the sun for 24 hours before installation.

Note: the redesigned halyard top fitting for the FF2 is now compatible with the MacGregor Boats.

Please Note: CDI Furlers are nonreturnable.


  • Patented, one-piece, UV-stabilized PVC luff extrusion.
  • Single groove continuous rigid PVC luff accepts #6 continuous support tape.
  • Built-in halyard maximizes reliability and eliminates halyard wrap.
  • Install over existing stay.
  • Mounts on lower T-bolt of open body (Merriman type) turnbuckle.
  • 1-hour installation — removes in just 15 minutes — takes only 60 seconds to uncover turnbuckle for inspection or adjustment.
  • Zero maintenance — zero!
  • 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Technical Information

  • Maximum Stay Length: 29 feet
  • Maximum Wire Size: 3/16 inch
  • Drum Type: Single Line
  • Maximum Stud Size: 5/16 inch
  • Includes Ball Bearings: No