New England Ropes Classic 3-Strand Polyester Rope 1/4" (6mm) White

SKU: 21302



New England Classic 3-Strand Polyester Rope is a continuous filament 3-strand polyester rope with a traditional look and feel. The New England Classic can be used as a replacement for woven wire rope. Featuring very little stretch, sails can be hoisted tight without fear of overstressing, which is especially important at night or in a storm. The New England Classic stretches a bit more than wire but will not corrode, fatigue or snag. Great for halyards, control lines and cruising headsail luff reinforcement (storm jibs and drifters).

New England Ropes has an excellent reputation as the leading manufacturer of premium quality rope. Made in New England and tested in some of the world’s most notoriously harsh conditions, New England Ropes provides high-quality performance and worry-free durability.


  • High Tenacity for Durability
  • Supple and Splice-able
  • Good Knot-Holding Properties
  • Shows Little Degradation from UV Rays
  • Good Resistance to Most Chemicals and Electrical Currents
  • Sheaves: Recommended Sheave Diameter to Rope Diameter is 8:1
  • Tensile Strength: 2,150 pounds