Comparing Visibility in Roller Shade Fabrics

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Roller shades are a versatile, stylish option for light-control in your home. There are many different fabrics you can choose for your next custom window shade project that offer varying degrees of privacy and light. Whether you need a fabric that reduces glare but doesn't inhibit the views through your windows or a total blackout fabric, Sailrite® has a great option for you. To demonstrate the various shading capabilities of the mesh roller shade fabrics we carry, we did a visual test so you can get a feel for how each fabric line would look in your windows.

We took our four most popular roller shade mesh fabric lines, Phifertex® Standard, Phifertex® Plus, Phifertex® Wicker Weaves and Jacquards, and SheerWeave®, and held them up to a window on a sunny day to give you the best view through the weave. For the best comparison, we chose similar shades of each fabric — one light and one dark. On the right-hand side of each photo, we left the window bare, so you can compare the shade to no shade at all. Additionally, we opted not to include blackout fabric in this experiment, since it has no light filtering properties, but blackout fabrics for roller shades are available at Sailrite.

First is Phifertex Standard. This is the most open weave of the group, offering a 70% shade factor. This fabric offers the best view through the mesh at the scenery beyond, but will also offer the least amount of privacy.

Phifertex Plus fabric offers a 92.5% shade factor and is available in a wide variety of colors and woven styles. It’s a more densely woven mesh than Phifertex and allows less light into the room. It also obscures more of the scenery beyond.

SheerWeave is a specialty fabric designed for use in roller shades that offers a 97% shade factor. It offers a softer, more fabric-like look when compared to Phifertex and Phifertex Plus and a moderate amount of outward viewing. SheerWeave is available in both 63-inch and 98-inch fabric widths.

Unlike Phifertex Standard and Plus, these collections can have a more intricate and elaborate weave. Some of them feature more of a fabric-like feel than other roller shade fabrics. Wicker Weaves and Jacquards shade fabrics also have beautiful texture and a more stylish, high-end look than other roller shade fabrics. As you can see here, the light-blocking ability of each fabric will differ depending on its weave. Shade factor ratings are listed on each fabric when available.

The choice is up to you and what suits the needs of your home! You can find all these fabrics in the Roller Shade Fabric category. Do you have any of these fabrics in your home already? Share your advice and experiences in the comments!