Curtain Rod Loop Tape 3-7/8" x 18'

SKU: 120843



Use this curtain tape to quickly and easily attach back tabs to your curtain panels—just sew the tape on and hang your curtains. This drapery tape features built-in tabs that you can feed your curtain rod through, creating stylish, even folds across the top of your drapery panels. The hidden tabs on the drapery header tape fit both flat rod and round decorative curtain rods.


Plan your curtain panel to have a width 2-1/2 times the desired finished curtain width and allow for 8 inches for the top hem. Sew the curtain, finishing the bottom and side hems.

  1. Fold down a 4-inch double hem on the top of the curtain and press. Do not sew yet.
  2. Cut a length of Curtain Rod Loop Tape to the measurement of the finished curtain width plus 7-1/2 inches.
  3. Center the tape at the top of the curtain, positioning the loops at an equal distance from each edge. Pin the tape to the curtain. Then, trim each side of the tape to 1 inch and fold under.
  4. Stitch the Curtain Rod Loop Tape to the back of the curtain along the upper and lower edges of the tape.
  5. Insert the curtain rod through the loops to form sold folds in your curtain.