#12 Curtain Grommet 1-9/16" White
#12 Curtain Grommet 1-9/16" White
#12 Curtain Grommet 1-9/16" White

#12 Curtain Grommet 1-9/16" White

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Product Details

Curtain Grommets are easy-to-use snap together curtain grommets for sheer to drapery-weight fabrics. Curtain grommets thread onto a curtain rod bringing a clean modern look to any room. No installation tools required! Machine Washable. Do not iron, tumble dry, or dry clean.

When working with these grommets, keep in mind that the minimum fabric thickness you should utilize is 0.020 inch and the maximum fabric thickness is 0.045 inch. These grommets have a 1-9/16 inch hole.

Curtain rod size: Up to 1-3/8-inch diameter

Installation Instructions:

Finish the top of the curtain with at least a 4-inch header. Mark the center position of each curtain grommet across the top of the curtain. Position template over center marks, trace, and cut out holes. Place the raised center of grommet in hole from front side of fabric. On the back side, position the "prong" side of grommet over the raised center and press down to secure. To remove curtain grommet from fabric, insert flat screwdriver tip into slot and lift up.