Dacron® Sailcloth 4 oz. Cream 36"
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Dacron® Sailcloth 4 oz. Cream 36” is an all-purpose Dacron used for Daysailors, beach cats, Windsurfers, dinghies and light air sails on larger boats. This lightweight Dacron is medium firm with good durability and excellent tear strength.


Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard
Width: 36"
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester
Fabric Design: Solid & Variegated
Color: Beige
Weight: 4 ounces per sailmakers yard

Recommended Uses

Marine: Sails


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Mark Darley
Verified Purchase

New topsail!

Chris R Ring

Beautiful cloth, traditional look, best for tender vessels.

I built a set of sails for my cat ketch rigged 15' sharpie skiff in Oct, 2014 of this cloth. The four cornered spritsail main is about 87 sqft, and the 4 cornered mizzen about 45 sqft. The color is very nice, towards a yellow cream whereas the competitors color is more on the pink side. There is a slight glossiness to the fabric which gives away its synthetic origin, but otherwise it looks like natural cotton. I am very pleased with its performance, the stiffness is a good compromise between performance, ease of furling with quiet luffing, and pleasant handling. Now for the bad part. I had intended to use 5.4 oz cloth given the size of the mainsail and the considerable sail carrying ability of the sharpie hull- this based on personal recommendation by Todd Bradshaw. When I called to order the cloth, the salesperson, while acknowledging Todd's expertise, strongly recommended the lighter 4 oz cloth based upon his personal use on a Caledonia Yawl (IIRC). Because of the price difference and his authoritative advice, I ended up using the lighter cloth.A little over 3 years later, and maybe 120 hours of use, draft in the mainsail has increased and migrated aft to the point I am now taking in seams on the vertically cut mainsail. I have seams every 12" which makes this possible, but with the sewn bolt rope and all it is a tedious process and very frustrating.I visited this website today intending to buy the 5.4 oz cloth to start over, but unfortunately it is being discontinued with only 5 yards in stock.I still regard this product highly but my advice is to understand its limitations and the compromises involved in its manufacture.

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