Double-Cap Rivet Installation Tool
Double-Cap Rivet Installation Tool

Double-Cap Rivet Installation Tool

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Use this rivet installation tool to set double-cap rivets securely in your application. This is a standard-size rivet installation tool that sets rivet cap sizes 1/4 to 3/8 inch. This set includes the anvil and rivet setter. You will also need a fabric hole punch and mallet (not included) to install double-cap rivets. This high-quality tool sets double-cap rivets with professional results.

How to Set a Rivet: Use a hole punch and mallet to punch a hole in your application. Place the double-cap rivet onto the concave side of the anvil with the post facing up. Place your material over the post and push through the post. Place the other rivet cap onto the post and hold in place with the concave end of the rivet setter. Firmly set the double-cap rivet with several blows of a mallet.