Engel Hotknife (110V)
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The Engel Hotknife (110V) is a great tool for cutting synthetic fabrics, webbing, rope and things that would ravel when cut with scissors. The controlled heat melts synthetics to provide a precise, professional-looking sealed edge. This hotknife is trigger-operated and heats up quickly (6–8 seconds). It also has a light that illuminates the cutting area. This heat cutter features a cool (temperature), comfortable hand grip and rapid cool down for increased safety. Cut on a hard surface like glass, mirror or Formica if possible for a cleaner cut.

Blades Sold Separately. There are two different cutting blades available for the Engel Hotknife. The R Blade is recommended for cutting lengths of fabric, webbing and rope, while the HSO Blade is designed for cutting sharp corners and precise detail work. Attach the Sailrite Cutting Foot while using the R Blade to eliminate the need for a special cutting surface.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: HSGM
Warm Time: 6 - 8 seconds
Voltage: 110
Draws: 70 watts
Max Blade Temperature: 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (600° C)
Operated: Trigger
Power cord length: 6.23' (1.9m)
Light: Small Internal Light Near Cutting Blade
Warranty: 1 Year


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Professional Engel Hotknife - Cut Synthetic Fabrics and Ropes

Great tool for cutting synthetic fabrics, webbing, rope and things that would ravel when cut with scissors.

Cutting Foot for Engel Hotknife

Holds material down while cutting. Eliminates need for a special cutting surface.


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Magrietha Furstenberg
Verified Purchase

Great and Reliable

steve seamster'

tough tool ! easy to use .

great tool . tough durable .it has bounced off my floor multiple times ,and still comes back hot and ready ! id buy one again

Robert Falk

Engel Hotknife

I just received the hotknife. It does cut (Sunbrella) well and does seal the edge. I find it hard to guide and it does take about 1/8" inch of the material away. It does leave a somewhat raised edge on cut material. I have the optional foot and note that I still need to protect the cutting surface. The lights do not do a very good job of lighting the cutting area. I also have a rotary cutter that leaves a very clean edge but does not seal the fabric. I expect that I will learn to guide the hotknife better with practice. And learn to take into account the width of the cut. My sense is that this product is somewhat overpriced.

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