Europatex Lara's Velvet Diamond Silver 55" Fabric

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This is a polyester and viscose blend velvet fabric from Lara's Velvet Collection by Europatex Fabrics. Lara's Velvet Diamond features a raised pile velvet quatrefoil pattern on top of a heavy base material. With style and design at the forefront, Europatex produces creative trimmings and home fabrics, from classic solids and rich velvets to modern prints and everything in between.

Europatex home décor fabrics are made from materials that stand up to abrasion and tension to bring durable, lasting beauty to your home. There is a right and wrong side to this fabric, meaning only one side is meant to be exposed, the underside of this fabric does have a backing making this a heavier and stronger fabric. Lara's Velvet Diamond Fabric is perfect for headboards, accent pillows, cushions, upholstery and so much more.

Intended for indoor use only. Do not use for outdoor projects.