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When it comes time to embark on your next big sewing project, one of the toughest decisions to make can be choosing the correct fabric. If only there was a way to experience the look and feel of a fabric firsthand before buying multiple yards of it. Actually, that’s where our wide selection of fabric swatches comes in handy! A fabric swatch (also called a fabric sample) is a small piece of a larger fabric used as a tool for fabric selection. At Sailrite®, we offer an incredible variety of fabrics for just about any project you have in mind. To help you choose the perfect one, we offer thousands of fabric swatches ready to ship to you at a moment’s notice. We’ll explain more about this great program, how it works and why it’s so beneficial to you.

It’s often difficult to judge the color, texture, scale and pattern of a fabric just by looking online. Ordering fabric swatches is an inexpensive way to experience the look and feel of a fabric before you start your sewing project! We offer thousands of high-quality fabrics on our site with sample swatches cut for each. You may already be familiar with the concept of memo samples — these are samples that historically have been cut from the actual roll of fabric that you intend to use for your project. But due to the high volume of fabrics sold at Sailrite, we do not cut our samples this way. Fortunately, most of the fabric brands that we offer have little to no color shift so we are confident you will find our samples to be an exact match to the yardage ordered.

We want you to get the most from your fabric samples. To start, you can order as many as you’d like. We cut each of our fabric samples large enough to ensure they are useful. Our solid and patterned fabrics are cut in 6 x 6-inch samples and all of our striped fabrics are cut in 3 x 12-inch samples. There are rare fabrics (mostly solids) in which 4 x 4-inch swatches are available. This way you can order multiple samples and lay them out side by side on your application to determine which works the best. When you order your fabric swatch on our site, the specific size and price of the sample will be specified.

When considering a fabric that has a detailed larger print or pattern, we recommend you order a few samples of the same fabric to get a better idea of how the material will look as a whole. Alternatively, you can purchase one yard of the fabric for a more comprehensive look at the complex print or pattern in question.

To further assist you in your fabric sample search, certain brands such as Sunbrella®, Naugahyde®, Morbern®, Top Gun®, Phifertex® and many others supply fabric books or sample cards available on our site. Some of these can be rented for a period of 30 days while you make your decision and others can be purchased for you to keep. These are a great way to see a large grouping of colors or patterns all in one place instead of ordering multiple samples, and if you end up purchasing one of the cards, it can be used to help with projects in the future or lent to family and friends. To find these, go to our site and type “sample card” in the search box.

Speaking of fabric swatch books, we’ve recently created our first-ever Sailrite sample book: The Sailrite Collection of Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics (#121789). This collection consists of 68 artfully selected, high-quality fabrics in six unique colorways. Within each of these color families, you can effortlessly mix and match patterns to create a seamless, coordinated look both indoors and out. Browse vivid solids, eclectic prints and everything in between to create a stunning color palette of fabrics for your home both on land or sea. These fabrics are fantastic for indoor and outdoor upholstery, cushions, pillows, drapery, accents and much more. This is one sample book you’ll want to explore for your next project!

After you find a fabric you like on our website and are ready to order a sample, simply go to the product page and click the “Order Sample” icon beneath the item name. The size of the sample and the price will be listed beside it. You can order as many samples as you’d like, and they’re always cut and ready to ship. Finally, once you’ve chosen a fabric sample (or ten), you can rest assured that Sailrite will have it readily available. We stock all of our samples at our Indiana warehouse.

Sailrite offers everything you need to turn your DIY dream into a reality. Our goal is to ensure you’re happy with every project you start. We hope this informative blog aids in your search for quality fabric samples. And if your next project involves upholstery or cushion making, we also offer a Foam Sample Box (#124215), which includes a sample of every foam type we stock, a sample of polyester batting and silk film, plus a helpful guide to assist you. When you order the Foam Sample Box and some of our fabric samples together, you can experience the look and feel of both products before starting your next custom cushion or upholstery project.