Fastener Selection Guide (PDF)

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Understanding all the fastener sets on the market can be difficult for any DIYer. There are a variety of brands and styles that choosing the right one for your application can seem daunting. We’ve created this Fastener Selection Guide to help you understand the differences between the types of fasteners as well as which style will best suit your project.

At Sailrite®, we offer a variety of fastener types, including snap fasteners (ligne 24), Lift-The-Dot®, Pull-The-DOT® and Twist-Lock, all from DOT®. We also sell Loxx® Pull It Up fastener sets. Different fastener styles have different qualities, which makes them suitable for different projects. For example, regular ligne 24 snap fasteners are the most common fasteners used in marine applications for boat covers, dodgers, tarps and tabs on fabric or webbing. If you need a super strong hold and a fastener that won’t accidentally come undone, Loxx Pull It Up and Twist-Lock fasteners have the highest strength rating.

In addition to the strength and holding power of your fastener, you also want to keep the fastener’s profile in mind. The profile, or how high the fastener head sits on top of your fabric application, can sometimes be the more important factor over strength. If you are installing fasteners anywhere there’s high foot traffic and the chance of people painfully stubbing their toes or walking on fasteners, you’ll need a fastener with a low profile so people don’t hurt themselves. Ligne 24 and Pull-the-DOT have the lowest profile. Our guide also lists the tools and supplies needed to install each fastener type.

Download our in-depth Fastener Selection Guide PDF and keep it for reference every time you need fasteners for a project.

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