Sawtooth Feed Dog for Ultrafeed® LSZ-1
SKU: W011Z
688 Available  - More Coming 10/31/2022


Sawtooth Feed Dog for the Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ-1 ZigZag Walking Foot Sewing Machine.

Grips and feeds fabric through the machine while sewing.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Ultrafeed LSZ-1


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How to Replace Feed Dog on Ultrafeed

This video will show you how to replace or change the Feed Dog on an Ultrafeed Sewing Machine. The same principle applies to both the LS-1 and the LSZ-1.


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Tony Meek
Verified Purchase

Hoping to see straight now as old lower feed dog was only half there

Larisa Neufeld
Verified Purchase


Verified Purchase

The original feed dog my LSZ-1 came with broke along the joint where it screws in, perhaps from forcing thick projects trough. The new feed dog looks beefier along the edge the screws in. My old one seemed to have only two point of attachment between the feed dog and the tab with the screw holes. Received the order very quickly.

Mary Kroll
Verified Purchase

This company has fantastic customer service. Their manual is so well written it was easy to find the part I needed.

robert smith

feed dog replacement

Fast shipping excellent service easy to repair

Jon W

Replaced a broken feed dog

I broke the feed dog on my LSZ-1 while repairing the bimini/dodger during a maintenance stop on the AICW and immediately ordered a replacement from Sailrite. It arrived before expected and found it to be very easy to replace, especially with a right angle phillips screwdriver. The part was an exact replacement. In dealing with Sailrite, I have been completely satisfied with their products and customer service. Keep up the good work!

Lee Cheeseman

Feed Dog

The Feed Dog installation was easy and quick


Easy Peasy

Works just as well as the original and easy to replace


Higher Quality Than My Original.

I purchased a second-hand, but unused LSZ-1 from the estate of a retired gentleman who passed away before he could use his machine. After 10 feet of sewing two layers of thin vinyl, the feed dog snapped in two pieces. I contacted Sailrite to inquire if there was the possibility of user error or machine malfunction before ordering the replacement part. Sailrite offered to send the part under warranty, even though I was not the original owner of the machine. That was outstanding customer service, I fully expected to purchase the part. Thank you Sailrite. The new feed dog is much nicer quality than the original part on my machine (2015-2016 model). The casting is finer quality and the machining is cleaner and more precise. The horizontal webs that connect the serrated feed feet are much beefier, in fact the whole part is about 10% heavier by weight than my original part (I used a jeweler's scale to weigh them). If you broke the feed dog on your LSZ-1 and are looking for a replacement, this will get you going and it might just be better than your original.


Custom feed dog

I haven't used it yet, but I was very grateful to sailrite for being so willing to help. I was able to get this feed dog special ordered to be more dull for leather working just by asking. We love Sailrite!

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