Fiebing's 4 Way Care Leather Conditioner 8 oz.

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Fiebing's 4 Way Care Leather Conditioner is a comprehensive, one-step cleaner and conditioner for use on smooth leathers. Leather crafters trust this essential product to clean and protect their leather goods.

4 Way Care treats smooth leather in four ways:

1. It cleans fine leathers, including exotic leathers, with a soap that removes dirt and grime.

2. It preserves leather by waterproofing and replenishing natural oils.

3. It strengthens leather by coating each fiber with a blend of high-quality oils and waxes.

4. It beautifies the leather finish by coating it with waxes; this coating also adds extra resistance to dirt and debris.

This all-in-one cleaner, restorer and protectant is suitable for all smooth leathers. It's especially effective on leather upholstery — including automotive upholstery — because it leaves no residue. 4 Way Care Leather Conditioner may darken light-colored leathers. Always test the product on a small section of your leather item before using. Do not use this product on suede.

Use 4 Way Care Leather Conditioner On:

  • Top grain leather.
  • Fine leather.
  • Exotic leather.
  • Leather furniture.
  • Leather car seats.


Shake well. Using a clean cloth or sponge, apply a light coating of 4 Way Care onto the leather. Allow the product to penetrate the leather thoroughly, and then rub briskly with a soft, dry cloth to clean and polish the leather. You can apply a second coating if desired.