Fiebing's Leather Deglazer 32 oz.

SKU: 123773



Fiebing's Leather Deglazer preps your leather prior to the application of dyes and finishes. This product removes grease, waxes, lacquers and top coats. This allows for a uniform application of new dyes and finishes. Leather Deglazer is suitable for all leather types except vinyl. Before application, test Deglazer on a small, inconspicuous area of your leather before using on your entire item.


  • Natural oils restore original softness and texture of leather.
  • Prepares leather for refinishing.
  • Doesn't affect softness or flexibility of leather.


Using a soft-bristle brush or soft cotton cloth, rub Leather Deglazer into the leather until absorbed. Wipe off any surplus Deglazer. Allow the leather to fully dry before applying leather dye or other finishing product.