Fiebing's Resolene Acrylic Finish for Leather Brown 32 oz.

Fiebing's Resolene Acrylic Finish for Leather Brown 32 oz.

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Fiebing's Resolene is a water-resistant top finish for your leather projects. Apply it as a sealant after dyeing your leather to protect the leather finish and to prevent the dye from rubbing off. Resolene is recommended for dyed, antiqued and polished leathers to give the leather a beautifully glossy finish.


  • For dyed, antiqued and polished leathers.
  • Protects leather with a flexible, durable and water-resistant finish.
  • Produces medium to high gloss finish.


1. To prepare the leather for Resolene, take a piece of sheep wool or dry sponge and buff the leather.

2. Apply a small amount of Resolene to a lightly damp sponge or dry sheep wool. Apply one coat of Resolene liberally in a circular and back-and-forth manner, making sure the entire leather piece is evenly coated.

3. Remove any excess Resolene by continuing to work the product into the leather. Resolene dries quickly so work efficiently.

4. Set the leather in a clean place to dry overnight. You can also use a hair dryer on medium heat to speed up the drying time.

5. Buff the entire surface with a clean, dry piece of sheep wool or soft cloth until you achieve your desired gloss and shine level.