Hot Melt Acrylic Glue Stick
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Hot Melt Acrylic Glue Stick is a unique high performance acrylic adhesive developed for bonding to hard-to-bond surfaces. This clear adhesive glue stick forms a strong bond, stays flexible, and has a medium open and set time. The Hot Melt Acrylic Glue Stick bonds substrates when other hot melt glues fail!

Use this acrylic glue stick to install carpet binding, adhere Velcro® and fasteners to boat surfaces, make quick repairs, install trims or molding, and for crafting, packaging and many other uses.

Hot Melt Acrylic Glue Stick bonds well to concrete, vinyl, metal, rubber, tile, stone, brick, ceramic, leather, melamine, coated papers, foil, wood*, nylon, fabric, glass, and plastic (polycarbonate, PVC, ABS, polystyrene, PET, polyethylene). Each stick is 7/16" in diameter by 10" in length.

For best results, use high-temperature glue sticks with a high-temperature glue gun.

Please Note: Oils in teak and mahogany woods reduce the bond strength of the glue stick.


Sale Unit: PK
Certifications: California Prop 65 Compliant , FDA Regulation #21CFR175.105 Compliant
Viscosity: 375°F (cps) 5,375
Open Time: Approximately 60–80 seconds
Softening Point: 165°F
Flash Point: Above 400°F
Coverage: 3 feet of 1" wide Velcro or 10 feet of carpet binding



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Anthony Hamilton
Verified Purchase

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Great product work as advertised

Judy D Pyeatt
Verified Purchase

Arrived promptly!

I have not used the gun gun or glue sticks yet! The arrived promptly.


Works as advertised.

This product does pretty much what it is advertised to do. It adheres to slick surfaces where other hot glues will not. I have two glue guns, a Surebonder Pro2-100 which is 100 watts and a Anyyion J-200 which is a dual 150 to 300 watts. I found the glue stick to be much easier to work with using the 300 watt gun. This is especially true if you are going to shoot through an extended nozzle or reduced diameter nozzle. I found the price for this 10 inch stick to be a bit on the high side, especially if you intend to shoot a significant amount of glue. If you are just spot gluing and looking for a high bond on various surfaces, this will do the trick.

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