Gütermann Tera 60 Tex 50 Black Polyester Thread 1 oz. (656 yds.)

SKU: 125182



Gütermann Tera 60 Tex 50 is an indoor/outdoor continuous filament polyester thread. The thread’s high tear and abrasion resistance makes it a great choice for indoor and outdoor upholstery projects. The optimal elasticity creates a beautiful and even seam. The high-shine thread creates a pearly, beautiful stitch appearance perfect for decorative seams. Choose Gütermann Tera 60 Polyester Thread for light- to medium-weight sewing, including upholstery work, home textiles, light leatherwork, bag making and apparel. It can also be used for heavier ripstop material (1.5-2 oz.). Use with size #14 to #16 needles.

Thread on a cone should pull up off the top of the cone for a smoother feed to the sewing machine and add an extra twist in the thread. The extra twist increases thread strength, helps keep the thread from unlaying, and eases tension problems.


  • Highly tear- and abrasion-resistant.
  • 100% continuous filament polyester thread.
  • No tearing at stitch holes.
  • Excellent sewability.
  • Recommended for heavier ripstop, indoor/outdoor upholstery, garments, light leather and bag making.