How to Make Roman Shades Using Iron-On Roman Rib Tape

Item # X-HT-200652

Since we released our popular "How to Make Roman Shades" video (#200595XHT), we’ve been working on finding new ways to make the process of making these beautiful shades even easier. Making your own Roman Shades gives your windows a stylish, custom look and is much more affordable than purchasing pre-made shades at the store. After releasing our first video, we've added a few pieces of new hardware that help streamline Roman Shade construction. This video will show you how to build a Roman Shade using our new Iron-On Roman Rib Tape.

DIY Roman shade made with Iron-on Roman Rib Tape and blackout lining

Iron-On Roman Rib Tape gives you an easy way to attach the dowels to your Roman Shade without sewing or gluing. The tape irons right to the back of your shade and features a small pocket in the center that holds the dowels. It works great, especially with our new lightweight, plastic Roman Shade Ribs, which are plastic dowel rods made just for this purpose.

We opted to use a heavy lining this time so the shades will block out more light. Softline’s Suite Blackout Drapery Fabric can be used on its own or as a blackout lining and worked really well for us in this application. We recommend pairing this heavy liner with a lightweight decorator fabric, so the folds will train easier.

In this video, you will learn how to measure your window, pattern the fabric, sew the lining, add ribs, string the shade, build the headrail and install the shade on your window.

Video Chapters:

  • Measuring the Window – 0:32 min.
  • Patterning – 4:54 min.
  • Sewing Decorative & Lining Fabric – 9:21 min.
  • Creasing Sides & Sewing Bottom Sleeve – 12:01 min.
  • Adding Ribs or Dowels – 15:21 min.
  • Finishing Top Edge – 20:40 min.
  • Building a Headrail – 21:50 min.
  • Installing Curtain Hardware – 23:24 min.
  • Materials List – 33:02 min.

Materials List:

  • Home Décor Fabric from Sailrite
  • Drapery Lining Fabric from Sailrite
  • Thread (Coats Extra Strong® Tex 70 Nylon Upholstery Thread, or Tex 30-Tex 46 polyester thread)
  • Iron-On Roman Rib Tape #104858
  • Roman Shade Plastic 1/4” Ribs #104987
  • 1” Velcro #473100 (hook) and #478100 (loop)
  • Sew-On Rings #104469
  • Cord Lock (#104468)
  • Bottom Rod #104989
  • 5/64” Dacron Leech Line (we used white #21207)
  • Plastic Lift Cord Condenser #104470
  • Cord Tassel #106673
  • Screw Eyes
  • Screws
  • 1” x 2” Wood Board

Tools List:

  • Comfort Grip Rotary Cutter #9655
  • Cutting Mat 18" x 24" #102985
  • Multiuse Pins 1-1/2" #102985
  • Sewing Machine, Pencil, Straightedge, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Hand Needle, Iron, Saw or Hacksaw, Stapler, Drill, Screwdriver

For your convenience we've also created the following written instructions:

Video and PDF instructions are intended for personal use. If making shades to sell or gift, they must comply with the latest safety regulations. To make your shades safety compliant, the lift rings must be no farther apart than 4 inches. To accomplish this, the stack height should be 6 inches. This will result in less visible fabric when the shade is fully open, but will prevent the formation of a hazardous loop.

Warning: Cords can be hazardous, even fatal, to young children. Keep cords out of reach of children. Keep cribs, playpens, and other furniture away from cords. Do not tie cords together or allow cords to twist or loop together.