Iosso® Teak Cleaner 16 oz.
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Iosso® Teak Cleaner 16 oz. cleans and brightens wood in one easy step! Removes dirt, mildew stains, black algae, and oil stains and restores a bright natural look to weathered teak. Use this teak cleaner on teak, pressure-treated pine, cedar and other woods. Iosso Teak Cleaner safely cleans wood without damaging or drying out wood fibers and is safe around fabric, carpet, metal or fiberglass. Biodegradable wood cleaner with no chlorine or bleach.

Mix the recommended amounts of Iosso Teak Cleaner with warm water. Stir until dissolved. Sponge, brush or spray solution onto surface to be cleaned. If surface is hot, cool with water before application. Let stand 10 minutes or longer keeping area wet with solution. Thoroughly brush solution onto the wood. Rinse with clean water. Allow teak to dry at least 24 hours before applying any stains or sealants. Extremely weathered wood may require a second application. Use solution within 6-8 hours and discard unused liquid. Store powder in a cool dry place.

16 oz. jar makes 4 gallons of cleaning solution.


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Size: 16 oz


Restore Teak with Iosso Teak Cleaner

How to Clean Teak With Iosso® Teak Cleaner


Overall Rating : 4.73 22 Reviews

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Keith Hoffman
Verified Purchase

The crud appears from nowhere. This stuff is awesome...

Thomas Cetkowski
Verified Purchase

Works as described

Marie Demeunynck
Verified Purchase

Best teak cleaner!

Great product! I used a lot of different products before to clean my outdoor teak furniture but this is the best product and best result I ever had!

Jim Love
Verified Purchase

trying new

Susan Davis
Verified Purchase

I just used it today on my teak furniture. Very happy with the results.

Kathleen Stein
Verified Purchase

it works!

The cleaner arrived in a timely manner. It works incredibly well. The restored teak wood is beautiful. The video showing how to use it is spot on. Really works!

Eddie Lawson
Verified Purchase

It was great and did a fantastic job!

Mary Whiteker
Verified Purchase

Excellent product - restored teak bench.

Matthew Burke
Verified Purchase

Teak Cleaner

Excellent, made our teak deck accents look years younger. Easy to use, less harsh (chemically) than many other products.

Steve Digby
Verified Purchase

Works well on most of my teak.

Iosso Teak Cleaner works well on most of my 37-year-old teak. Some of the wood is too damaged and it looks only slightly better. I will use a stripper to remove all of the Cetol finish and try it again. After preparing the surface better, I believe the results will look much better. The big plus of using this product is it can be used on teak that is still attached to the fiberglass.

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