Marking Tools Comparison Chart (PDF)

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There are a lot of marking pencils, pens and chalks on the market. However, not all of them can mark on the same types of fabrics and materials. And even if two different tools can both mark on the same fabric, one might be a better choice than the other. To help you solve this problem and figure out which marking pencils work best on which materials, we’ve created this fantastic chart. It rates the marking tools we sell here at Sailrite® and how well they mark on a variety of fabrics and materials.

There are six types of marking tools we offer. This chart compares the Scribe-All® Marking Pencil, chalk, Soapstone Pencil, Water Soluble Marking Pencils by Dritz®, the Washable Wonder Marker and a grease marking pencil. We test these six marking tools against a wide variety of fabrics and other materials. Just some of the materials we test include upholstery fabrics like Sunbrella® and Ultraleather®, cover fabrics like Top Notch® and Sur Last®, and even seating vinyls, webbing, vinyl window material, glass, wood and plastic.

The tools are rated one through five stars so you know how well they performed when tested on these fabrics and other materials. So, just download our Marking Tools Comparison Chart by clicking the green button below and see for yourself which tools work best with which material types.

Compare Marking Tools

To learn even more about marking tools and their various traits, we have another blog that’s a great resource. Our blog "How to Pick the Best Marking Tool" (#300011XHT) is an in-depth guide to all our marking tools, what they mark on, their characteristics and how easy they are to wash from your fabric. Be sure to check it out.

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