Narrow Foot Set For Fabricator® Sewing Machine
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This Narrow Foot Set for Sailrite® Fabricator® Sewing Machine is perfect for anyone who wants the best grip possible with the narrowest presser feet available. This presser foot set is narrow on both sides, allowing you to get extremely close to zippers. It's also great for sewing large thickness transitions. There are no tracks on the bottom of the feet so you won't damage or mar leather and other delicate materials. Set includes both presser feet.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Big-N-Tall, Fabricator, Sailrite 111



A. 1.579”
B. 0.593”


A Foot for Every Fabric — How to Install Fabricator® Presser Feet


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Karie Woodcock
Verified Purchase

Much more better :P

I bought a narrow foot for my machine months ago and something about it just hasn’t set right. The needle never fell on center with the foot, the fabric didn’t feel to be held tight enough. I found out this narrow foot fit my machine as well (not a sailrite fabricator, unfortunately). So far I’ve enjoyed sewing with this foot more! :)

Verified Purchase

Need room?

This does a fantastic job getting me closer to my edges especially when there is bulk near where I'm working, mostly on the turns in my bags. Less to manage to keep out of the way! Has not marked up my finished side of my oil finished leather projects! Using this in conjuction with the magnetic guide makes it a dream!

Cheri Saltmarsh
Verified Purchase

Narrow foot

Zippers are quick and easy!

Margaret Zuern
Verified Purchase

Excellent topstitching foot

Great little foot to get into tight spots, but still enough surface to properly grab the leather for beautiful even stitches. Perfect for topstitching near zippers and for strap connectors.

Verified Purchase

Thank you kindly I went out and purchased a 3mm hex wrench right away .. can’t wait to use this narrow foot

Verified Purchase

Thank you kindly I went out and purchased a 3mm hex wrench right away

Knox Franklin
Verified Purchase

Works great when sewing near zippers or just very close to material edges.

Cheryl Nalls
Verified Purchase

Quality product

Verified Purchase

Almost perfect!

Great piece of gear for your machine. However, I agree with previous reviewers that it should be attached by flathead screw. It’s inconvenient to have some feet attach one way and others to attach another way especially when time is money. Additionally, the Fabricator machine comes with screwdrivers and handy storage holes for the screwdrivers. Otherwise, provide the allen wrenches needed to make adjustments to the machine. Sailrite’s customer service is beyond measure. That is where they really shine.

Colleen Perkins
Verified Purchase

Narrow Foot

Didn’t come with a screwdriver.. I can’t use the foot because I can’t tighten that black screw it needs a special fitting

Sailrite Response

This foot uses a 3mm hex wrench that will be helpful to include in your sewing machine tool kit.

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