Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather Side 3 to 4 oz.

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This is a full side of natural veg tan cowhide. Natural veg tan leather has not received any topical treatment or finishing. Natural veg tan accepts dyes, paints and tooling (stamping and molding) very well and is ideal for crafting bespoke leather goods. The leather can feel stiff upon arrival but will soften over time.

Please Note: This leather side is a bulk list item. You will receive a cowhide similar to the one shown but not necessarily that particular hide.

What Is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

"Veg tan" refers to the method of tanning the cowhide into leather. This method uses natural tannins found in certain plants and trees to alter the proteins of the animal skin. It’s one of the oldest methods of tanning and is more environmentally friendly than chemical forms of leather tanning. Veg-tan leather has the longevity and beauty — with that classic leather smell — that leather crafters desire for their artisanal leather goods.

Leather Patina

What is leather patina? As leather ages and wears with use, it will develop a rich, marbled look and shine that adds character to the finished item. Veg tan leather, in particular, is known for developing the best patina of all leather types. This means that veg tan leather ages beautifully and holds up better over time than other forms of leather.

Leather Grading

Every leather hide is unique with its own distinct characteristics. No two hides will be identical; therefore, the leather industry assigns a grading scale to determine hide quality. Select your desired leather grade before adding it to your cart.

Grade A/B: The highest grade for leather hides. You may find one or two brand marks in a side, as well as some light defects such as bite marks, closed scratches and scars. The cutting yield is over 80% of the skin.

Grade C: You may find three or four brand marks in a side, as well as more visible defects such as bite marks, open scratches, scars and small holes. The cutting yield is over 70% of the skin.

Getting to Know Your Leather Side

Every leather side comes stamped on the underside with the following: Leather Grade (Ab or c), Production Date (MMDDYY) and Square Footage (i.e. 25.3 sq. ft.). This is for easy reference so you know the details of your leather side.


3-4 oz. veg tan leather is most commonly used for the following leather goods:

  • wallets
  • bags/clutches
  • pouches
  • inlays
  • watchbands
  • jewelry
  • shoes
  • jackets
  • costumes