No-See-Um Mosquito Netting Black 60" Fabric
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No-See-Um Mosquito Netting is the perfect hot summer insect protection. This nylon netting is soft and drapable, yet deceivingly strong and fine enough to stop mosquitos and no-see-ums. Easy to sew — use V-30 or V-45 thread with a #14 needle. Machine washable.

Note: Quantities of 50 yards or less will be shipped folded.


Sale Unit: Sold per linear yard
Width: 60"
Fabric Content: 100% Nylon
Fabric Design: Solid & Variegated
Color: Black
Weight: 0.81 ounces per square yard
Certifications: California Prop 65 Compliant , REACH (EC1907/2006) Compliant
Flexible Mesh: 49 x 35


Overall Rating : 4.75 8 Reviews

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Kim Sharpe
Verified Purchase

New Netting Repairs Tent

My tent is as good as new after I replaced a dog-shredded entry panel with new netting. It wasn't even my dog!

William Cornelius
Verified Purchase

Small ones kept at bay.

this works great when you add hook and loop to line a portlight. I have this to put on my boat around the opening hatches. having one side of the loop stuck to the overhead and then the hook sewn to the mesh allows an easy stick up once the hatches are open and easy to remove. Works great to keep out the small ones.

Adrian Brazell
Verified Purchase

Great Product Durable and flexible but hard to sew with

Really good value. Used it to fashion a Screen for my RV. NOTE it is hard to sew with a sewing machine. Maybe more experienced semesters will not have this issue but I ended up having to hem and sew on my Velcro by hand.


Drapes well

Very soft hand compared to other similar products. Easy to sew, with a moderate amount of stretch. Made a hatch cover, and looking forward to using it for several other projects to make evenings on the boat more comfortable.


Very Soft So Drapes Well

I used the No-see-um Mosquito Netting to make a draped cover over the hatches on my catamaran to keep the Florida bugs out. I liked how the fabric is so soft so it drapes well. There is no stiffness at all like is typical with some screen material.


Can't goes wrong. It's a great product, easy to sew and wash.

It's a wonderful product! Easy to sew and cut. I temporarily use it for our deck party with Sailrite double sided basting tape. I had sewn 3 pieces (60" wide each) together and taped it to the deck cover. It is so light weight. So durable and easy to wash. Couple of occasion, my fingernail got caught on the netting but surprisingly, it didn't cut and bunch up. The wind even blew the hanging netting up the roof and again its was fine, no bunching or torn thread. I got a black one and it is very clear. Very sheer looking. While setting up to hang the netting, it got dirty on the ground and flies and dandelion pollen got on it, I just dust it off with a quick shake and it off. After removing the tapes, I put it in the washer and dryer, it look good as new. With shine and smooth feel and a sheer look. I am ready to make it a true curtain. Got the track and ring already, just need UV binding tapes for the edges. Don't know if I should making my own binding or buy the binding tapes?


No see-um cover for hatch

I got the no see-um mosquito netting to drape over a hatch on my sailboat to keep the insects out when sleeping. I have not had a chance to test it yet, but I believe it will work well. The mesh is very tiny and the fabric very soft so it should drape well.

Verified Purchase

My mistake was expecting something more substantial.

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