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Give your DIY cushions, pillows and upholstery a high-style finish with the help of beautiful piping from Sailrite®. In this selection, you’ll find piping for indoor and outdoor use by top brands like Sunbrella®, Naugahyde®, Morbern®, Europatex and Dritz®. We supply both premade piping and piping cord for custom applications to ensure that you get a finish that’s perfectly tailored to your desired look. Explore elegant specialty piping in various eye-catching textures and colors, or purchase highly weather-resistant vinyl piping to complete and accent your marine upholstery projects.

Sailrite stocks both premade piping and piping cord. The primary difference is that premade piping comes factory-made and ready-to-sew, whereas piping cord is just the raw material and needs to be covered with your own fabric before use. We recommend piping cord if you want to create custom piping to tailor your trim to your exact fabric, or if you want to create something one-of-a-kind that you won’t find in any store. Piping cord is generally made from synthetic materials such as polyester, polypropylene, vinyl and foam, which can be used in outdoor applications. We also have cotton piping cord, but this should only be used indoors.

Of course, Sailrite also offers a broad selection of stunning premade piping (sometimes called lipcord) that’s ready to be sewn onto your project. This piping comes in specialty options that are generally twisted or braided for a high-style texture. If you need premade piping for outdoor use, we recommend Sunbrella® Decorative Piping, as it’s made with a polypropylene core and Sunbrella acrylic fabric covering for long-lasting exterior use. Looking for additional tips and information? Be sure to read our guide to Selecting the Perfect Piping on the Sailrite blog.

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