Point Hudson Phid Small for Rope 5/16" - 5/8"

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Point Hudson Phid Small, by Brion Toss, is for 3-Strand Rope and Mega Braid. This phid makes a smaller opening in the rope than ordinary phids for a smoother, fairer splice. No hockles or sliced yarns! The Point Hudson Phid has a comfortable ball handle and enters easily, even into hard-laid rope and has smooth edges to prevent rope damage. The phid can be left in the rope while tucking the strand, so you don’t have to yank or drag the strand.

For 3-Strand Rope 5/16″ to 5/8″
Instructions Included.

Note: Mega-Braid is a tough splice and the rope stiffens up more as the splice proceeds. This phid will splice Mega-Braid, but the size must be appropriate for the rope. Practice is required when splicing Mega-Braid.