Polyester Fiberfill 15 Denier - Hollow Slick Conjugate
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Polyester Fiberfill 15 Denier is an extra-comfortable polyester stuffing with a slick finish to prevent bunching. This cushion filling is non-allergenic and resistant to mildew. Generally, Polyester Fiberfill is stuffed inside a pre-sewn cover of Spun-Bond Pillow Protector Fabric and inserted into a cushion or pillow fabric. Use Polyester Fiberfill as a stuffing for pillow forms, deep seating back cushions, pet beds and other craft projects.

Siliconized polyester filler is a type of filler created from synthetic fiber, polyester, that is treated with a silicate material. This silicone coating adds a featherlike touch to the fill, which makes it very slippery, soft and easy to work with. The siliconized process also makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and the accumulation of dust. Siliconized polyester filling has properties that prevent the attachment of dust mites and bacteria; therefore, it is considered antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Siliconized polyester filling resists the growth of molds and mildews and holds its shape better than other types of fiberfills.

This fiberfill is machine washable. The fiber may bunch up in laundering, but can be smoothed back out with your hand.

Polyester Fiberfill is sold in 10 lb. bags. This is enough fiberfill to make 10-14 plump throw pillows in a standard 14-inch x 14-inch size. For larger, oversized floor pillows, it will take about 5 lbs. of Fiberfill per pillow.

Note: Items are compressed for shipping, we recommend opening as soon as possible. Compressed foam takes up to a week to regain its original size and shape. Allow foam to fully decompress before using in a project.

Note: the color of this item may vary.


Sale Unit: EA
Color: White
Foam Material: Polyester

At a Glance

Foam Uses: Home Decor Cushions


A. 30"
B. 30"
Fiberfill Needed: 5.00 lbs


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Polyester Fiberfill Product Video

Detailed short discussion of the fiberfill available from Sailrite.

How to Make Pillow Inserts using Fiberfill

Shows how to make a pillow insert from Spun Bonded fabric and fiberfill.


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Mary Stone
Verified Purchase

Have been exceedingly happy with our purchase. Our 15 year old couch looks and feels brand new again! Sailrite is an exceptional company to work with. The how to videos are invaluable. Thank you for showing us and providing products that made our restoration easy as pie…..

Cap'n Lou Inc.
Verified Purchase

Stuffed 3 patio chair cushions and a chase lounge cover from one bag. Excellent!

CJB Chair Restorations
Verified Purchase

I'm impressed with the flexibility of it's use in filling pillows and cushions and the quality of the results.

gina boudreaux
Verified Purchase

stuffed the leather couch

it worked great

Trina Warwick
Verified Purchase

I bought 2 of these and one was plenty. I made 4 20”x20”, 2 15”x 20”, and 1 13”x15” pillows (stuffed firmly) with one package. Quality was excellent.


Bulk filler

This is great to be able to purchase in the large quantity. Quality product and I don't feel I have to be stingy with it when filling my pillow forms.


Hello Big hero 6

This stuff is really high quality. I chose to buy based on another review and wasn't very impressed when it came in the mail because it was all highly compressed. No worries folks, when you are getting the wrapping off just be careful with the scissors and as the plastic is coming off you think to yourself- 'well hello big hero-6'it's huge k, huge. Did 6 24"x24" pillows and a king sized pillow and still have plenty left for at least 4 more 24"ers. Very plush, and seems to hold its shape well. Definately recommend.

Anne scott

Pleased with Poly-fil

I recently bought two bags of poly because the price was lower than in my area and shipping was free! The package came sooner than I expected and the poly was very soft! Softer than I normally use. Loved it!

Emily Jane Creations
Verified Purchase

Bag is dirty and fiberfill not of good quality.

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