Posi-Pin® Safety Shear

SKU: 121973
$3.60 to $10.80



We’ve redesigned the Posi-Pin® (Patent #7438009) to make it perform more consistently in your Sailrite® sewing machine. This new composite model consistently breaks at the shear point when mishaps cause the machine to lock up (e.g. needle hitting the needle plate or any internal metal component, or sewing through a metal snap or zipper) which can cause machine timing to slip and impact proper stitching operation. The previous metal Posi-Pin did not consistently break at the shear point during such collisions, resulting in time-consuming tuning and retiming by the user to make the machine operational again. With this new Posi-Pin, all you have to do is remove the broken one and replace it with another. Check the cap spring for damage, change the needle and get back to sewing. It greatly reduces the need for tuning or timing, which gets you back to sewing faster than ever before.


  • Composite material breaks as intended at the shear point.
  • Shear point protects machine from potential internal damage and timing issues.
  • Easy to remove and replace with new one.
  • Reduced machine tuning or retiming required.

Posi-Pin Safety Shear breakage demonstration.