RECMAR I Beam Nylon Wheel Carrier With Shackle

SKU: 103967



RECMAR 4121 I Beam Nylon Wheel Carrier with Shackle is a curtain carrier with a mounted shackle for use with the Recmar Bendable I Beam Track. This carrier features two nylon wheels on a metal arc with a ring that supports a nylon shackle. A set screw on the shackle clamps through the curtain hole to secure. This Nylon Wheel Carrier is also great for use with the Recmar Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit if extra carriers are needed. 10 per Pack.

Below you'll find the approximate amount of weight this item can hold based on 6" carrier spacing.

  • Max lb/ft: 2
  • Max lb one-way draw: 6
  • Max lb two-way draw: 12