Do It Yourself! The Roller Shade Clutch Kit has everything needed to create your own easy-to-use roller shades: just add your favorite shade fabric (Click Here). Raise or lower a shade of up to 24 pounds effortlessly just by pulling the ball chain loop cord. The ball chain can be cut to size for your required loop length; we include enough ball chain to accommodate the maximum shade length of 12 feet. The ends of the ball chain are fastened together to form a loop with the included chain connector. We have included two ball stoppers to limit the ball chain to a specific length, if desired. Continuous Loop Ball Chains are available separately at Sailrite® if a specific continuous length is required for extra safety, keeping the chain higher and free from the reach of children and pets.

This is a no-sew DIY project! All you need, beyond common household tools, is a rotary cutter, or a pair of scissors, and a ruler. Construction time is less than 2 hours. We recommend using SheerWeave®, Phifertex® Designer or Phifertex® Plus -- all available at Sailrite!

The roller and the bottom rail can be cut to size to fit a smaller window. We recommend using a hacksaw with a bimetal 32 TPI blade to cut these parts.

Instructions for this kit are only available in video format in conjunction with the Sailrite Fabric Calculator.

Pro Tips:

  • Select a fabric that is wide enough so that seams are not required. Many fabrics can be rotated 90 degrees as long as the fabric width, minus 12 inches, is less than the desired shade length.
  • SheerWeave is available in several very wide widths and resultantly can often be very cost-effective and utilized for multiple Roller Shades, cutting two or more shade blanks from a single width of fabric.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Roller Clutch Unit
  • 1 Pair of Brackets (inside, outside or ceiling mounted)
  • 10 Phillips Pan Head #8 Screws
  • 36 inches Aluminum Shade Roller with Double-Sided Tape (1.5" OD)
  • 36 inches Plastic Insert Tape
  • 36 inches Bottom Drop Rail in White
  • 2 Bottom Drop Rail End Caps
  • 1 Clear Hold Down Clip
  • 20 feet Ball Chain (creates up to a 10 foot loop)
  • 1 Ball Chain Connector
  • 2 Ball Stoppers
  • 1 Safety Warning Tag
  • Written Instructions

WARNING: Strangulation Hazard! Always keep the ball chain loop secured to the Hold Down Clip and keep out of the reach of children and pets.


Width: 36"
Hardware Material: Aluminum, Plastic
Maximum Width: 36 inches
Maximum Shade Length: 144 inches (based on ball chain with connector)
Maximum Wall Clearance: 1 inch between the roller and wall
Projection (Bracket Mount to Roller Center): 1.750 inches
Edge Gap*: 0.688 inch
Maximum Ball Chain Length: 240 inches
* The gap between the window molding and the fabric, for inside mounts only.


Wide Bracket Front

A. 2.427"
B. 2.760"

Wide Bracket Side

C. 0.712"

Roller Clutch Front

D. 3.198"
E. 2.680"

Narrow Bracket Front

A. 2.434"
B. 0.723"
C. 1.330"
D. 2.011"


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J McNamee
Verified Purchase

creating unique blinds for home windows

The parts of the kit were easy to understand how to assemble, and were good quality. The video and instructions were very clear. I was able to create some really unique blinds for my new kitchen!

Roger Wilhoit
Verified Purchase

Great quality and fairly easy to assemble and mount to the window frame!

Kathryn Rado
Verified Purchase

DIY video - makes it looks easy - BUT, key is to square the fabric first. It would be nice to add "how to square fabric" info to the paper directions or the video

Verified Purchase

I received my order very quickly. I haven't made my roller shades yet but I found their online tutorial video very helpful. I will post a photo once my project is complete.

Verified Purchase

The kit was intact and all pieces were present and accounted for. We did have to search for the box because it was not delivered to our door. It was near Christmas and Fex Ex probably had temporary workers. We found it half a mile from our house. Although it was in a snow drift, the contents were packed in plastic and were just fine.

Larry Ische
Verified Purchase

Works great. Good installation instructions.

Carmen Vilar

Bottom up shades

Hi I would like to do some bottom-up shades.I cant elaborate how to do it yet.I would appreciate comments. I noticed Karen got it done, so I might find a way.Thanks

Sailrite Response

We will be producing a video about Bottom Up Shades in the near future.

John Shields
Verified Purchase

The kit worked as advertised. Great buy! Easy ordering and quick delivery.


Bottom-UP Shade Success!

The kit is designed & engineered beautifully; truly a quality product. I simplified my task by using the 36” kit, opting for an outside mount as I was using medium weight cotton duck designer fabric & attempting a ‘Bottom-Up’ shade for the 1st time. The instructions are thankfully clear & easy to follow and I had to review them multiple times because I was turning the project upside down! My 1st trial fitting produced a workable shade so I can now confidently complete my second window. I’m sure the Phifertex fabric would be easier to work with since it would not fray when squaring the edges (my fabric required overcast stitching, falling just short of being perfectly square; barely noticeable so not a deal breaker). FYI – I added pulley cords to raise the rail as the clutch is released by the chain making it a 2 step process, well worth the effort to achieve a fabulous Bottom-Up Shade.


I love my new roller shades.

I love my new roller shades, they were pretty easy to do make, I could have used a bigger table when making them. Didn't have one or the room for one but it worked out and they look very nice. When you get them up on the windows the color's are a little lighter. I picked the oyster shell color for some of the windows. And stripes for other windows, the stripes are Beautiful and I don't feel like i need any curtains. The oyster shell are lighter and I will need a valance to pull the window together. And I do like the privacy factor of the oyster shell fabice. 97.7 blocks out the sun let's the light in and I can see out side. And our inside privacy is great. We like them so well that we order more enough to do the Basement windows.

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