Round Thread Magic for Hand Sewing

SKU: 122780



Thread Magic strengthens your thread, giving it a longer lifespan! You can use it for conditioning hand sewing thread as well as bobbin thread while winding bobbins prior to machine sewing. To condition your top thread, order the machine mounted version of this conditioner (#122781).

This small round container of thread conditioner is formulated to be acid-free and hypoallergenic. Simply run your thread through the conditioner to eliminate static, prevent tangling and avoid fraying. This makes the thread easier to handle and manage while you’re sewing.

Thread Magic helps reduce hand fatigue by preventing thread drag, and can help protect your thread from UV rays, mold and mildew. It reduces thread friction and drag by 400% compared to traditional thread wax and 700% over untreated thread! This conditioner is safe for all threads and fabrics, and it will not melt or freeze, so you’ll always have it ready at a moment’s notice. Thread Magic can be safely used with both bobbin thread and hand sewing thread. Simply insert your thread through the plastic slots on the container and pull it through the conditioner. It’s that easy!

Thread Magic can be laundered and ironed without staining or marking thread or fabric. This is an inert compound, so it won’t be harmed by detergent, fabric softener or even bleach. Thread Magic is not a petroleum product.