Sail Tie Kit Sunbrella® Natural Webbing

SKU: 107165



Sew it yourself! Webbing sail ties are handy to use; securing your sail with just a simple slip knot. Our sail tie kits come with high-quality Sunbrella webbing. This webbing is a blend of polyester and acrylic and is durable and resistant to fading. Making your own Sunbrella sail ties is a simple process and will provide superior longevity compared to off-the-shelf sail ties. To make, sew a loop at one end of the webbing with a twist. This added twist keeps the eye open so it’s always easy to thread.

Enough Material to Make:

  • 3 — 9-foot sail ties for boats over 50 feet
  • 5 — 5-foot sail ties for boats 30-50 feet
  • 6 — 4-foot sail ties for boats under 30 feet