Sailrite® Cordless Rotary Cutter

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Cordless power. Cordless control. Seamlessly cut through multiple layers of fabric and other materials with this high-powered, quality fabric cutting tool. This cordless battery-operated rotary cutter can cut from a single layer of lightweight home fabric up to 1 inch of total material thickness.

The Sailrite® Cordless Rotary Cutter is a versatile fabric cutter that will be your go-to cutting tool for all of your DIY projects. The extra-thin base plate glides under the fabric while cutting for seamless ease of use while also protecting your work surface — no cutting mat required! The tool's ergonomic shape ensures optimal comfort. The tool is safe to use on all fabric types — upholstery, cotton, canvas, denim — as well as leather, webbing, clear vinyl window material and more. You can even use this handheld cutter to slice through foam up to an inch thick! The trigger-operated sharpening wheel keeps the blade razor sharp for the cleanest cuts every time. The blade guard pivots down for user protection while in use, and the built-in light in front of the blade improves visibility for any cut.

For leather cutting: Recommended for long cuts in leather up to 8 oz. Keep a steady cutting speed; there is a chance of the heat and friction burnishing leather edges if you cut too slowly. For thicker leather, increase the blade speed.

With five speed settings, you can cut at your personal comfort level. Adjust the blade speed setting using the silver button on the handle. The blade speed can be set to five levels: 800, 950, 1100, 1250 and 1400 RPM. Each click of the button cycles through the speeds. Hold the button down to turn the built-in light on and off.

With no cord holding you back, you can take the Sailrite Cordless Rotary Cutter with you for on-the-go projects and on-site jobs. With its easy portability, your DIY possibilities are truly endless.

The Sailrite Cordless Rotary Cutter comes with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so you never lose charge while you work. This tool is ideal for upholsterers, leatherworkers, job shops or anyone who experiences hand and arm fatigue or soreness when cutting for an extended period of time. Drastically speed up cutting time and boost productivity with this professional cutting tool.


  • Cuts up to 1 inch of material thickness.
  • Five speed settings for using at your comfort level.
  • Sharpening wheel keeps blade razor sharp.
  • Integrated light for enhanced visibility while cutting.
  • Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so you never run out of power.


Sailrite warrants the Cordless Rotary Cutter (with the exception of the blade, sharpening wheel and other sacrificial parts) for a period of one (1) year starting from the date of sale. The guarantee is given against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is voided by improper use, disassembly, repair or alteration by owner or unauthorized parties. If you have any issues with your rotary cutter, please contact Sailrite customer support.

Package Includes:

  • Sailrite Cordless Rotary Cutter
  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Packs
  • 100-240V Battery Charger
  • Grinding Paper
  • Replacement Sharpening Wheel
  • Thumbscrew for Blade Guard
  • Butterfly Wrench
  • Hex Key