Sailrite® Wool Daubers (10 pack)

SKU: 125829
$2.45 to $3.45



Wool daubers are used in leather crafting when applying dyes and stains to leather surfaces and edges. The metal handle has a loop at the end for convenient storage on a hook, and the wool head is soft and absorbent. Wool daubers are reusable, but we suggest assigning one dauber per dye color so you don't experience color mixing and color contamination. Pack of 10 daubers of your chosen size.

Sailrite® daubers come in three different sizes: small, medium and large. All daubers are very lightweight for easy maneuvering and dye application.

Dauber Dimensions:

  • Small Dauber: 4-3/16" handle length, 1-1/2" head circumference.
  • Medium Dauber: 3-7/8" handle length, 2-1/2" head circumference.
  • Large Dauber: 3-5/8" handle length, 3-1/2" head circumference.

NOTE: All dimensions are approximate. Measurements may vary by dauber.