Sailrite® Workhorse® Servo Motor (220-240V)

SKU: 120261



The Sailrite® Workhorse® Servo Motor is a 550 watt, 3/4 horsepower, 50 Hz servo motor designed for continuous use on industrial sewing machines. This Sailrite exclusive motor is quiet and energy saving. Featuring a 12 coil design, the Workhorse has smooth motor rotation and fluid motor-to-machine power transfer. This servo motor also offers fully adjustable speed settings, which let you set your top stitching speed while maintaining variable speed control. Variable maximum speed settings range from 400-3600 stitches per minute. A brushless motor, the Workhorse provides high torque even from a complete stop!

The Workhorse Servo Motor can be used on non-Sailrite industrial sewing machines to replace clutch or other servo motors. The motor comes with both a 21-tooth cogged motor pulley, for use with a cogged belt and our Stitch PRO Balance Wheel, and a 3L V-Belt compatible motor pulley so the motor can easily be adapted to your sewing machine.

Please Note: This motor package does not come with any belts. If you have a Sailrite sewing machine, you will need to add #120580 to your order. If you have a non-Sailrite machine, your current belt may be compatible with the Workhorse, or you can order #100815.

This motor comes standard on all Sailrite® Fabricator® and Leatherwork® Sewing Machines and features a 2-prong European plug.

The Sailrite Workhorse Servo Motor comes with a one-year limited warranty. This guarantee covers defects in material and workmanship. Damage due to improper use, neglect, impact or normal wear are not covered under this warranty. Furthermore, this warranty is voided by disassembly, repair or alteration by owner or unauthorized third parties. this warranty is limited to the original purchase price.

The Workhorse Servo Motor is not designed for use with heavyweight balance wheels like the Monster® II Balance Wheel. Use of a balance wheel like this could damage the motor and will void the warranty.

Item Specs:

  • Horsepower: 3/4
  • Power: 550 Watts
  • Power Consumption: 4.5 Amps
  • Motor RPM: 4,500
  • Speed Control: Digital
  • On-Off Switch: Built-In
  • Accessories: Treadle Rod, Mounting Hardware, Belt Guard, Extra Fuses
  • Motor Weight: 7.8 pounds (3.5kg)
  • Black Pulley: Cogged 21-Tooth, 1.313" (33.34mm) dia, 123-1108 stitches/minute
  • Silver Pulley: V-Belt, 2.359" (60mm) dia, 400-3600 stitches/minute