Schmetz #19 Sewing Machine Leather Needles System 130 (5 pack)

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Specialty needles designed for working with leather. These high quality leather needles by Schmetz are optimized for heavy, dry and hard leather. The blade cuts fibers so that the needle does not have to separate them. The shanks have a flat side to insert into most home sewing machines.

Needle sizes are listed two ways, by size and measurement, so a #19 needle is the same as a 120. For more information on needle and thread choices, see the Thread and Needle Recommendations document.

Needle System: System 130
Needle Type: DI Leather Needle
Needle Size: #19 (120)

5 needles per pack.

Sewing Machine Leather Needles System 130 #19 fit the following sewing machines:

  • Most Home Sewing Machines
  • Sailrite Yachtsman
  • Reed's Sailmaker
  • Sailrite Apprentice