Balance Wheels

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One of the things customers love about Sailrite® sewing machines is their impressive ability to provide smooth power transfer from the wheel to the needle thanks to our cutting-edge balance wheel technologies. If you’ve noticed that your Sailrite balance wheel is not performing as it should be, or if you want to improve the speed and power of your machine, you can easily replace the balance wheel using these upgrade and replacement parts designed specifically for your sewing machine. We offer balance wheel replacements for Ultrafeed®, Professional, Fabricator® and Big-N-Tall models to ensure that your machine runs in tip-top condition.

To replace or upgrade the balance wheel on an Ultrafeed LSZ-1 or LS-1 Sewing Machine, you’ll want to pick up one of our Small Diameter Balance Wheels, which come in two colors to coordinate with either the LS-1 or LSZ-1 models. These affordable Ultrafeed balance wheels can be used to effectively increase the operating speed of your machine compared to the Power Plus™ and Monster® II Balance Wheels that come standard with the Ultrafeed machines. Each one features a hole inserted for use with the Posi-Pin® Clutching System, but it can also be used with the compression clutch mechanism if desired.

We also supply a sold-separately Sailrite Monster II Balance Wheel that makes a great upgrade for Ultrafeed Sewing Machines (BASIC and PLUS packages). This balance wheel enhances slow speed power and control, so it provides a steady feel while sewing at any speed. We also offer the Sailrite Stitch PRO Balance Wheel that can be used to replace the balance wheel in your Sailrite Fabricator and 2017 or newer Sailrite Professional Sewing Machines. This high-performing balance wheel works with the Workhorse™ Servo Motor and our patented Posi-Pin System and is crafted in the United States with rugged materials. All of these high-quality components make ideal upgrades and replacement parts for Sailrite machines.

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