Smooth Foot Set for Sailrite® Ultrafeed® LSZ Sewing Machine
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This specialty smooth presser foot set is designed to sew leather and other delicate materials. The three-piece set includes an outer presser foot with two toes, a center presser foot and a feed dog.

The incredibly smooth surfaces are the most gentle presser feet and feed dog we offer for the LSZ. The outside presser foot and feed dog don’t have teeth, so they won’t damage, scuff or mar the top side or underside of delicate materials. This set is only compatible with the Ultrafeed LSZ.

Note: Smooth presser feet don’t climb up and down multiple layers of material as well as textured presser feet do. This set is best for sewing flat assemblies with no height transitions.

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The needle hole in the center foot is deeper than that of a standard Ultrafeed® LSZ presser foot. This extra-large needle hole makes it much easier to see grooved stitch lines and determine stitch placement while sewing, helping to ensure straighter stitches and more accurate seams.


Sale Unit: EA
Machine Series: Ultrafeed LSZ-1


Sewing Machine Tips: How to Install a Presser Foot Set


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Laura M
Verified Purchase

I haven't used this product yet as I'm getting used to my new Sailrite machine. I'm planning on starting my leather project after Thanksgiving. The machine is fabulous and I know this Smooth Foot Set will work wonderfully.

Deborah Tubbs
Verified Purchase

FYI so you will know about our difficultv with the tension.

The pressure foot is perfect for not leaving prints in leather. I was trying to sew Pleather and it kept skipping stitches. I kept trying to corrected the tension but was unable to adjust it. I got frustrated and used my Jenome sewing machine. I had no problem with skipped stitches. It so it perfectly.

Judith Krueger
Verified Purchase

Great New Foot!!

I just purchased this foot and tested it out on some different scrapes of fabric and I am excited as to how it performed. Can't wait to sew a handbag with it. Thank you Sailrite!!

Don Brooks
Verified Purchase

I have not used the foot yet but have no problems recommending it. All the products purchased from Sailrite have been excellent.

Thomas Byrne
Verified Purchase

need to include instructions as to how to use the other "foot's included with the main foot

Aurélie Lamoury
Verified Purchase

I haven't done a project with it yet.

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