Sailrite® SnapRite® Twist-Lock Die Kit is a uniquely designed system that installs Twist-Lock (also known as Common Sense®) fasteners to canvas using a standard rivet tool. The SnapRite Twist-Lock Die Kit makes installing Twist-Lock fasteners quick and easy. Included in the kit are the Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter 1/8" and the Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder, a unique cutting block specifically designed for use with the SnapRite system. The two cutting blocks consist of a gray hard plastic for cutting holes with a mallet and a black resilient rubber cutting pad for use with a drill hole cutter and drill with a 3/8-inch or larger chuck. With this system, the entire installation of Twist-Lock fasteners can be done without a workbench, making it ideal for use on a boat.

Install Twist-Lock fasteners on your boat for accurate positioning. The key to this system is the use of a SnapRite Mandrel and using snap components that have a hole down the center. The SnapRite Twist-Lock Die Kit requires the use of SnapRite Buttons. This system works with any standard rivet tool; so buying a new tool is unnecessary if you already have one.

SnapRite Twist-Lock Die Kit Instructions:

  • Place fastener stud on fabric and mark the desired location.
  • Using the cutting block as a backer, drill holes in the marked location using the included drill hole cutter. (Drill not included.)
  • Depress the rivet tool levers and screw in the button die into the nose piece.
  • Place a mandrel through the hole in the Twist-Lock Die.
  • Line up the button through the bottom so the barrel protrudes through the top of the Twist-Lock Stud.
  • Guide the mandrel through the button into the rivet gun.
  • Be sure the mandrel is flush with the bottom on the Twist-Lock Die.
  • Use the tool to rivet the button.
  • Repeat for the second button.

SnapRite® Twist-Lock Die Kit Includes:

  • SnapRite® Twist-Lock Die
  • SnapRite® Button Die
  • Sailrite® Cutting Block & Die Holder
  • Sailrite® Drill Hole Cutter 1/8"
  • 100 SnapRite® Mandrels

Note: The SnapRite Twist-Lock Die Kit requires the use of SnapRite Buttons. We recommend using buttons with 11/64" rivet barrels for two thin layers of fabric assemblies, and 1/4" barrels for three to four layers. Twist-Lock Fastener Studs are nickel-plated brass, so the buttons should be as well.


Sale Unit: EA
Brand: Sailrite, SnapRite
Warranty: 90 Days


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