Soapstone Marking Pencil Refill White

SKU: 102769



A refill for the Soapstone Marking Pencil. Refills can be sharpened using any standard pencil sharpener. Soapstone is a naturally soft, delicate substance and should be handled carefully to reduce breakage. If it breaks, small pieces can still be used in the marking pencil. Soapstone develops a thin, hard surface when it has been exposed to air over a period of time. Re-sharpen the soapstone gently and scrape the point on a piece of sandpaper to sharpen before use.

2 refills in each pack.

To insert the marking pencil refill, unscrew and remove the finger grip section of the pencil barrel. Tap the barrel lightly to remove any remaining soapstone. Carefully insert the soapstone pencil refill. Replace finger grip section and screw on to hold refill firmly in place.

Note: This soapstone is custom sized for use in the Collins #C3091 Soapstone Marking Pencil. It will not work in the barrel of the Collins #C3081 Graphite Marking Pencil. Even though the barrels of these two pencils look alike, the diameters of the graphite and the soapstone are different. The refills for these two marking pencils are not interchangeable. Always purchase the correct refill for each marking pencil, as stated on the package.